Hydration Station: Properly Giving Water to Leopard Geckos

Hey there, fellow leopard gecko enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into a vital aspect of caring for our scaly friends – hydration. Just like all living creatures, leopard geckos need water to thrive.

But how do you ensure they’re getting enough? Let’s explore the ins and outs of properly giving water to your leopard geckos.

The Importance of Hydration

Before we get into the “how,” let’s understand the “why.” Proper hydration is crucial for your leopard gecko’s health and well-being. It helps with:

  • Digestion: Adequate hydration aids in the digestion of food, ensuring your gecko can extract nutrients from their meals.
  • Shedding: Hydrated skin is essential for successful shedding. Dehydrated geckos can have difficulty shedding, leading to skin issues.
  • General Health: Staying well-hydrated supports overall health, from organ function to immune system strength.

Providing Water Sources

Now, let’s talk about the different ways to provide water for your leopard gecko:

  1. Water Dish: The most common method is to place a shallow, sturdy water dish in the enclosure. Ensure it’s not too deep to prevent drowning accidents. Choose a dish that won’t tip over easily.
  2. Humidity: Leopard geckos also absorb moisture through the air, so maintaining proper humidity levels in their habitat is essential. Aim for a humidity level of around 30-40%.

Tips for Water Dish Care

Here’s how to maintain a clean and accessible water dish for your leopard gecko:

  • Fresh Water: Replace the water daily to keep it clean and fresh. Leopard geckos are sensitive to water quality.
  • Easy Access: Make sure your gecko can reach the water dish without difficulty. They should be able to climb in and out easily.
  • No Chemicals: Avoid using chemicals or soap to clean the water dish. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water and a scrub brush.
  • Location Matters: Place the water dish in a spot where it won’t get contaminated with substrate or faeces. The cool side of the enclosure is usually a good location.

The “Lick and Flick” Behaviour

Leopard geckos have a unique way of drinking water. They often use their tongue to “lick” water droplets from the dish and may even flick their tongue to catch droplets in the air. This behaviour is entirely normal and fascinating to watch!

Signs of Dehydration

To ensure your leopard gecko stays properly hydrated, watch out for these signs of dehydration:

  • Wrinkled or Loose Skin: If the skin appears wrinkled or loose, it could indicate dehydration.
  • Lethargy: A dehydrated gecko may become lethargic and less active.
  • Sunken Eyes: Sunken or dry-looking eyes are another sign to be aware of.
  • Reduced Appetite: A decreased interest in food can also be a symptom.


Properly giving water to your leopard gecko is an essential aspect of their care. By providing a clean water dish and maintaining appropriate humidity levels, you’ll help ensure your scaly friend stays healthy and hydrated.

So, keep an eye out for those “lick and flick” sessions and those adorable sips from the water dish – it’s all part of what makes leopard geckos such fascinating and lovable companions! 🦎💧

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